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Our Aims and


The Jnananethra Charitable Trust was established on 15th February 2019. This Trust is created with the intention of serving poor people, develop the temples, to do all types of cultural activities and conduct Sanskrit teaching.

To start and run homes for old aged people, orphanages, mentally retarted children, differently abled children, tribal children and support poor people.

To promote health and rehabilitation centers, to conduct eye camps, dental camps, blood camps, medical care for TB, Cancer, Leprosy, HIV, physically and mentally challenged people.

To provide scholarships, fellowships, other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving studentsfor persuing education, vocational training and skill development.

To help the youth to develop their full ptoential by conducting aptitude tests, talent identification exercises, personality development and leadership programmes.

To advance Indian Culture and Literature, service of this country for the benefit of the nation.

To bring, publish and sell, distribute books, papers, writing materials and also to open and maintain library, reading rooms for the promotion of the objective of the Trust.

To establish center for employmwent generation.

Grant of donation to any temple, mosque, church, gurudwara and other place of worship.

To undertake innovative service for the dvelopment of helath and hygiene of the poor prople.

Women empowerment - train women for different vocations like tailoring, handicrafts, etc.

Jnananethra Team

Muralidhar Bhat


L. Hemanth Kumar


Sandeep B. T.


Bhanu Priya S